New Apple TV with 4K in tvOS 11 Beta

Apple now released the seventh beta of an upcoming tvOS 11 update for the fourth-generation Apple TV, also over the beta, then there look like assets for 'J105a,' previously revealed as the code name for the impending 4K Apple TV. Developer Guilherme Rambo, who has made a name for himself delving in to the HomePod firmware, shared a screen shot depicting HDR image assets using a filename that features.'

The 'J105a' name was shared with Bloomberg, at a report that indicated Apple was working with a fifth-generation Apple TV capable of streaming Ultra HD 4K video. That report said Apple might release a brand new 4K Apple TV as soon as this website, and since that time, we've seen references to the model.

Along with the 'J105a' assets found in the tvOS 11 beta of today, references to the code-name were discovered at the HomePod firmware. That advice indicated the device could encourage Dolby Vision along with HDR10 color formats. In March, signs of an Apple TV defined as Apple TV 6,2 was present with a Cupertino IP. Also Apple TV 6,2 does not correspond to an Apple TV model. The present fourth-generation Apple TV is popularly known.

Apple has yet to produce any announcement regarding the 4K Apple TV, but just last month it seems that there have been several iTunes listings for shows at 4K, which appears to suggest that Apple might be preparing for this. There is not any official word on when the new Apple TV is going to be soon announced, however, Apple is likely to launch their new iPhone so we might learn more about it then.

Alternatively, Apple could host a conference near the close of the season for additional Apple product launches. Therefore it might be then but in any event, check back at the longer term for updates. Interestingly, the data strings found in Apple's HomePod firmware a couple of weeks ago pointed out a next gen Apple TV with support for 4K and HDR material. That being the situation, it's a safe bet that Apple's upcoming Apple TV allows users to delight in 4K quite happy with contrast and color accuracy. Because it stands today, the value proposition of the Apple TV is far from ideal. With an entry cost of $149, the current Apple TV is a bit more pricey than goods like Amazon's Fire TV and the Roku Premiere.