iPhone price 7, Rumors, Specs and Release Date

According to a report published by Digitimes last, a newspaper of the Global Foundries Taipei and Samsung have signed an agreement to produce A series of processors that are used in Apple's iPhone and iPad since it was introduced in 2007. Not only that, the Digitimes last has been keeping a close check on the development of Asia's technology sector, even the Times Union, another popular Journal had mentioned about the same deal in the latest publication. However, neither of the parties who have signed the agreement did not specify the date from which they will begin the process of their production or even confirm a reserved word.

This piece of information has provoked extensive discussion among analysts and they have concluded that perhaps as a joint venture between Samsung and Global Foundries become a necessity in the face of increasing demand for the chip from Apple. However, to compete with rising demand for the processor, which is the heart of a mobile phone, another plant will be opened in Malta. The reporters in the Digitimes last have assumed that the chip required for iPhone 7 will be released in 2015 might be only produced in Malta diFab 8.

Most parts of the hardware used in iPhones, iPads and other products not manufactured by Apple themselves. Instead, Apple ordered most of the parts required to assemble and then sold on the market. Because the demand for Apple products in the global market is very high, all companies will be keen to be a part of the supply chain the Apple brand. The latest iPhone i.e. iPhone 5 use the chip. However, Samsung and Global Foundries have signed an agreement to manufacture chips A9 a chip for two generations. Journalists have commented that Digitimes last chip A9 is mainly produced by Global Foundries Fab 8 in Malta. But Samsung has a product patent and therefore collect royalties from global Foundries.

Comments and assumptions made by journalists from Digitimes last is accurate as at the Times Union also mentioned the agreement already mentioned. It is said that a group of scientists would visit Samsung Fab 8 in Malta and explain their procedures to make the chip. Based on this knowledge they would produce Global Foundries A9 and chip will turn into a second source for chip manufacturing. Fab Unit 8 is still not ready and is expected to be ready next year so that the production of a full scale on A9 processor can begin.

Estimated price and specification iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is the upcoming Smartphone from Apple which is planned for release after 5s and iPhone iPhone 6. The 7th generation of phones will be packed with some of the features of the ultra sophisticated. If you suspect that you have seen everything with the iPhone 5 will be launched and still the iPhone 6, then you surely are sure to be amazed by the ability of the iPhone 7 where Apple will likely provide you with iPhone 7 by 2015. Listed below are some of the highlights of the Apple iPhone 4:

Large Display

iPhone 7 are expected to have a much better screen than the iPhone 5. Apple has received a lot of complaints about the quality of the screen of the iPhone 5. So Apple is expected to work on these features and will surely come up with a much better screen and modern technology. iPhone 7 are expected to have the entire face of the glass because it removes the physical home button.


Apple iPhone camera is expected to have 7 of 20 MPS in the rear with a 1080 pixel HD recording as well as a front-facing camera 8MP.

256 GB memory

Apple storage space seems to be increasing iPhone 7 up to 256 GB which is more than the version that is on your iPhone. You never can say Apple may appear with technological innovations that allow you limited storage space.


Because the storage space and also technology from Apple iPhone 7 upgraded you will probably require a fast processor to continue with your activities, therefore we would expect Apple to use the A8 processor or higher are more innovative.


This is really much more interesting with the rumors that say it will include a projector built-in. This really is the possibility of Apple's report will focus on the development of a projector built into elements in their iOS Manual like the iPhone and iPad. The projector inside the device will certainly bring a lot of feedback from professionals and lovers of the iPhone because the only reason off power level gadget should be able to run it. This is probably going to be a fantastic feature if Apple will be able to completely install these features and still maintain the viability and performance of the device.


You can read or download the iPhone 7 Manual for your best and ease of use of the device.