IPhone 8 Will Have Glass Cover

Nothing less than the leader of the company that gives Apple the metal for their shells has confirmed what you're listening for months. At least one of the models of the American company smartphones launched in 2018 will change the aluminum casing by a reinforced glass of new generation.

iPhone 2018 housing reinforced glass

The comment did during the annual meeting with the shareholders of your company, where also mentioned that they would need advanced technology to produce the metal which would cover the side edges of the phone, giving to understand that it would be a special alloy that we have still not seen in the market.

Is this the first rumor of the future future iPhone 8 confirmed? It does months reaching us reviews ensuring that Apple has in mind to launch a version resistant glass covering for within 2 years, but now it is nothing less than the President of Catcher, the company that manufactures metal housing of the latest iPhone, which has confirmed it in a meeting with the shareholders of your company.

The news has been published first by the renowned Japanese newspaper Nikkei, and it reported that Allen Horng, the head of Catcher, had announced at the annual meeting with shareholders involving collaboration with Apple plans produce metal edges of the model iPhone from 2018, unlike models 6-6s resistant glass would have to protect the rear.

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In addition, the President also said that Apple had given him to understand that there would only be a single model that would adopt that special housing that year. So it could be the case that the standard model will feature glass casing and Plus model will continue with the case of aluminum, or vice versa. Although in this case, Horng said that the latter could not say with absolute certainty.

The rumors about a resistant glass housing began in the first months of this year, when the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI securities, said that the iPhone launched in 2018 would change the aluminum by a coating of reinforced glass of new generation. The Crystal is heavier than aluminum, but that would be balanced by having a screen OLED, which is lighter which mounted the current iPhone.

Do you think that 2018 is too late to have an iPhone with glass, when the competition has already launched several models so the market?