How To Setup Xiaomi Mi Drone

We need to connect the phone using Xiaomi mi drone well turn the remote control on, and turn power button after the controller power button turns red to white, it shows that the remote control has connected successfully with your drone. You can start Xiaomi mi drone App in your telephone to allow the drone and your phone APP link.

The Drone flying at distinct locations must calibrate the compass before.According to into the prompt of the APP, following calibration, change Mi drone server, can let Xiaomi drone keep the normal state. Also if the controller operation is unusual, you can utilize the remote control to be corrected by the APP.

Xiaomi Mi drone has been built in no-fly zone info that is perfect; you want to try outside the zone to go through remote and aerial control's fun flying. At the same time, we will comply with the safety standards. When you Begin the Xiaomi Mi drone, then its camera can't touch anything, It might get the collapse self-inspection of gimbal and camera.

Sohu technology based on the experienced scenario, when you start the millet drone, anything can not touch. Otherwise, it might cause the collapse of camera Haeundae self-inspection. In this case, if for airborne will be a collapse.

Users can press the button on the remote control and control the state if it meets the prerequisites for take-off after Xiaomi Mi drone and searches positioning. It also needs to press the button for safety landing, after landing. On the left side of the button of the app may also be in transmission photos style switch.

If the UAV fly under the lower power, it will return automatically. Plus it will have the warning telling for program telling and power on the phone. Xiaomi Mi drone increases the telling function of low power on its control, also for better flying.