How To Fix Iphone Died Suddenly

The reasons and solutions of the dead iPhone or not can be a flame there is 4 and I will explain in detail on each paragraph.

Problem in iPhone battery

While the iPhone 4 and 4s no problem where due to the battery does not have a reserve power so every time the battery is already rather weak reply maH (use of more than 1 year and more) when events fall or experience a collision will create interference power straight from the battery and it could make the iPhone 4 could not be turned on again. The solution is very simple that is releasing the battery and install it again, the problem of iPhone 4 fall so the dead can not flame no longer applies in the iphone 5 and above due to battery iphone 5 artificial ATL nor SONY have the reserve power to this problem. The MacBook Pro also has problems like this where the shock vibration would make macbook died read article solution my macbook pro died servicing it yourself.

Problems in the low power battery iPhone

iPhone suddenly switches itself off can because battery want to run out, the battery in the iPhone has two size if the original iPhone's battery on the measure in position number 1 and number 4 and number usually 3.6 V-2.5 V voltage in this call In will appear at position 2 and 3 and Figure 2.1 V-2.5 V Voltage, this Tired in call will appear. You needs to be seen in the iPhone problem is dead or not can flame here is the Voltage in, if the Voltage in this below 3.75 V then the iPhone surely can not Flash anymore except battery in surprise. The solution iPhone suddenly switches itself off because the battery: replace the original iPhone's battery is new.

The surprising way yg battery lithium Voltage below 3.75 V is buy a external power supply can reply in setting 5V 3A for mobile phones and 5V-10V 5A-8A for notebooks and buy a cable with the clip ends, black connect to the "-" and Red connect to "+" in the lithium-Ion battery. wait 5 minutes then kira2 battery is definitely filled above 3.75 V (1. iPhone 4/4S often die alone because the battery is already damaged want well he would want to live again except unplug and plug in again battery in surprise or with external power supply to above 3.75 V Now there is already a tool external iPhone battery recharger for charging battery iPhone yg revives dead ready for iPhone 4S 5S 5 6 6 + in one small broad bargain price of just $ 12 tools mandatory reply got to the Apple technician!

Problems in the power ic chip-set iPhone

iPhone influent water also often causes iPhone dead iPhone Solution and dies or can't read with a full flame in article solution is that I have to make if the iPhone iPad iPod touches the water.

Power management IC Chipset in the iPhone also often cause major disease this is the dead iPhone iPhone 3gs from 10 now there must be 7 had this disease. Read more fully in article iPad Phone power management ICS PMIC.

Problems in the U2 iPhone ic chipset

Newest problems often occur on the iPhone 5 now that this problem is iPhone battery exhausted cannot flame again so condition he should be charging this battery to run out for a passer-by knows how to replace battery iPhone 5 many finally don't love Apple stuff more because it should remember me charge the battery if the battery should not have to make again. Usual after iPhone 5 iPhone condition in die or cannot flame went into us, we own a verdict his iPhone 5 Battery should be replaced, after replaced Battery iPhone iPhone 5 because 5 flame and normal then the customer usually happy but they will be back again. This time we replace the PMIC and the results were the same they will back again.