How to Download and Install the iOS 9 on iPhone

Update to the latest iOS operating system 9 was officially launched by Apple. Apple claims iOS 9 1.5 times faster compared to its predecessor. File size iOS 9 even far smaller than any other iOS, i.e. only 1.3 GB.

Various improvements also presented in iOS 9. This mobile operating system even bring increased, as new applications to improve the multitasking on the iPad.

iPhone Update iOS

Taken from iOS Manual: For those of you who want to upgrade to iOS 4, the following steps need to be done. However, it is worth remembering that maybe this time millions of people around the world are trying to get the latest software updates. Then do not be surprised if this update process will feel sluggish.

First, go into the menu Settings > General > Software Updates

Second, it will appear a notification of the availability of iOS update 9. You can directly download it.

Now, you can enjoy your iPhone with the latest iOS version.