How do I Restart or Reset iPhone Hang Without Power button

Reset iPhone Hang Without Power button - The iPhone while on the conditions of stuck while being fun to use is indeed very frustrating. However, of course this one thing seldom really experienced. By doing a hard reset is by pressing the Home button and also Power for approximately 5 seconds can be one alternative way to restart on the iPhone or iPad that hang. However, what if one of the buttons of the Home button or Power is not functioning properly again as we shall do & restart or restart our iOS devices? Maybe the below simple tips can be trying. How to Restart or reset the iPhone hang using the help of Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is indeed very has many benefits or usefulness, especially for a device that is experiencing damage to hardware such as the home button, power or volume that is no longer functioning as it should. Well here this is how:

  1. Open the Tap Settings-> Select General, and then select the Accessibility.
  2. Continue to scroll down to find the menu choice Assistive Touch.
  3. Please turn on Assistive Touch then later will appear a button that looks like a picture of the Home button at the screen.
  4. Tap Assitive Touch, then select the Device.
  5. Tap and then hold down the option Lock Screen that usually display a padlock then will then appear a slider to turn off the iPhone, slide it to the right then it will be non-iPhone devices on or off.

And to turn on the Phone the iPhone or iPad back, simply plug the iPhone into the charger and then wait a few moments, then the iPhone or iPad will soon be live by itself.

Restart the iPhone or other iOS devices using the Reset Network Settings.

Lack or weakness of the way this one is we will lose all of the network settings that have on your iPhone or iPad such as WiFi password already stored and VPN settings, but for those of you who don't have a lot of settings-network settings stored it feels this option is worth to try, here's how:

  1. Go to Settings – General > then scroll down, select Reset.
  2. Then Select Reset Network Settings and then select the return there will be a confirmation pop-up that appears on the screen then the iPhone will soon be automatically restart by itself.

How to Restart my iPhone hang through a choice of Bold Text

Apple also has added the option to bold or thicken your fonts in the operating system (OS) from the iOS first 7 was released. This option can also be used in restart iPhone.

  1. Go to the menu Settings-General, then choose > Accesibility
  2. Please turn on the choice of Bold Text that existed then later will appear in a pop-up confirmation that the iPhone's smartphone will be immediately restarted, select Continue and then the iPhone will restart by itself.

The last way is certainly going to change the entire look of the system fonts on the iOS becomes thicker than ever before, and how to restore it just repeat the stay way above the font will & returned to normal, but it means we have to restart 2 times if it does not want to wear a thicker font on iPhone devices as well as iOS devices more.

Apple deliberately does not provide or give a special button to restart or restart on all iOS devices, however, there are at least 3 options above is worth a try