Amazon Echo Look Review

Read this description of the Amazon Echo Look out loud: A $200 photo and video camera with a smart speaker built-in that also takes selfies and doles out fashion advice.

Does this sound silly? Then this product isn't for you, and nothing I say in these next few hundred words will convince you otherwise.

Amazon designed the Echo Look to appeal to a specific set of folks who care about their outward appearance and want a digital fashion adviser. You use the Echo Look's camera to take hands-free, full-body selfies and videos that you store in the accompanying app. Amazon then uses a combination of artificial intelligence and advice from real stylists to help you decide between two outfits. And as crazy as it sounds, it does this job really well.

Amazon Echo Look

The Echo Look is at its best when you treat it as a fashion adviser instead of a smart-home speaker. It gives you an easy way to catalog your wardrobe and get a real-life view of how you look in your clothes. And the Style Check feature provides surprisingly good feedback about what you should wear.

But the Echo Look still has its faults. Its sound quality is poor, especially when you compare it to other Echo speakers. The app could use a few additional features to give you more proactive fashion advice. And it gives me pause to consider the amount of visual information Amazon will gobble up with this thing.

If you consider yourself fashion-conscious, you might want to find a spot in your budget and your closet for the Echo Look. But if you just want a smart speaker without a side of fashion advice, you're better off with one of Amazon's other Alexa-powered products.

The Basic

At its core, the Match Look is a net-connected selfie and swift videocamera that gives most of the same capabilities as the remainder of Amazon's distinct Echo products (the first Echo, the Echo Dot, the Echo Touch and the forthcoming Match Display).

There are a few apparent disadvantages if you compare the Match Turn To its sibling speakers. You can't use it get or to deliver communications, and it cannot distinguish which speaker you're speaking with if you have several Match product in your home. The sound quality of the Echo Look is also significantly worse than its cousin Shows as the speaker is situated to the back of the unit, so that sound is projected by it far from you in place of toward you.

Regarding looks, the Match Search is more like a security-camera than a speaker. It's only 2.4 by 2.4 by 6.3 ins, so it does not take that house that is much up. It screws into a foundation which allows one to simply tip the camera to acquire the top shot of you (you could also mount it on a wall).

It goes on Alexa, Amazon's voice-triggered personal helper, and it can do almost anything different Alexa devices could. Via talked Alexa instructions; the Echo Glance could supply music, check your calendar or inform you of the current weather, among different tasks. Plus it connects to different web-related products like bulbs or plugs so you can handle your smart-home along with your voice.

Photos and movies

Keep in mind that the world in "Clueless" (the 1995 film, not the watered-down Television show) when Alicia Silverstone's Cher was preparing for her major eliminate-her-virginity date with Christian? She'd some sage advice: "I don't depend on mirrors, and so I always take Polaroids."

The Match Search will be Cheri's favorite approach to previewing an outfit's 2017 version. The camera is placed by you on a heightened area such as a dresser's top. Pull the Match Search app in your cellphone up and use the video feed to adjust the camera, so it conveys the full-body view.

You can start getting selfies, once you're satisfied with the view. Where Alexa is needed, that is. You employ voice directions to trigger the camera, which gives a hands-free to your solution to get a selfie. Suppose you wish to observe how you try looking in a new couple of a high and jeans. Put on the ensemble, make use of the application to view the view of the camera and placement yourself in the center of the body and state, " Alexa, take my photo." The Echo Look can beep twice, then your four LED lights that surround the camera can illuminate, and your picture is taken by the camera on the third beep.